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Q: how can you incorporate templates?

A: designs include a simple way to install a unique layout for sections of your content in a click of a button and never having to consistently reach the code. You can easily choose a layout for areas of your book from the layout marketplace. Examine the readily available user-submitted design and then click throughout the “Buy” option to obtain a layout (read karma guidelines for more details on details).

To make use of the new design for a story’s foreword, seek out the “change foreword layout” connect in foreword see. This shows a list of layouts you possess. Click on the “Activate for Foreword” button backlink to make use of format on the foreword.

Every layout are going to have a place to enter the book with respect to the format designer. Assuming a format fashion designer specifies two areas inside their style for you really to enter their book, then chances are you must destination their text among contents tags they indicate. Ex. [CONTENTID1]Your text for content1 goes here[/CONTENTID1] subsequently [CONTENTID2]Your text for content2 happens right here[/CONTENTID2]. Their particular format allows you to know which labels you are able to and where each goes. Remember that information labels were circumstances sensitive and painful so they need to be uppercase to suit your book to display.

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